Girly Things
  • Chipping nail polish –Sounds boring? yes, but girls tend to do this!
  • Being snoopy –Yes, they could peep in through neighbors’ windows or listen to loud conversations. Now, what’s the harm in doing some good listening?
  • Getting messy –When they are home alone, girls get messy, and like it too!
  • Dancing in front of the mirror –Yeah, they might be the shyest ones, but home alone, MAN, they can dance!
  • Self Talk –Sounds crazy? A lot of girls do this. They cleanse their heads out by talking to themselves.
  • Crying to a good song –Yes, they might be the strongest tomboys, but a little tear shedding while listening to a ‘My heart will go on’ is no big shame, is it?
  • Playing with hair and makeup – Yes, they all do this!
  • Trying out old jeans – Sometimes it is hard to accept the fact that you do not fit into old jeans. No harm in trying, right?
  • Eating out of a jar –Well, it is not just a guy thing!
  • Read –Yes, there are some girls who do sit and read! Not Fifty Shades of Grey, there are girls who read real books! There are all kinds of them, you see!

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